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Fear Monsters
Fear Monsters
Photoshop, collage, photo and drawing

Project title: Overcoming Obstacles

Images are everywhere – on the street, on the subway, in books and magazines, on our phones and televisions. Images are no longer simple and direct. They are literally piled on top of one another. Layered imagery exposes the complexity of our culture and the complexity of our unconscious minds. When we layer images, we can create multiple meanings. Layering is a common feature of most digital imaging programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

-- Modified from Olivia Gude, “Postmodern Principles”

Essential questions:
What life experiences or personal stories have most shaped WHO YOU ARE?
How can you OVERCOME OBSTACLES to achieve your goals?
How can we use MEDIA ART to share experiences and express ideas?
How does the practice of LAYERING help you to communicate complex ideas?

Project description:

For this project, students create a three layer Photoshop collage, including a collage that represents draws from color theory to express a dominant emotional state; a drawing that represents his / her biggest obstacle in the coming year (a fear monster); and a photograph of his / herself in relationship with the fear monster. Students were asked to consider: What is your relationship to your fear? Do you want to strangle it, step on it, or ignore it? Can you examine it, face it, treat it with care, or recognize how it might help you? Consider use of space, scale and body position to express the relationship between you and your fear.